Saturday, September 27, 2014

Above and beyond.

Sometimes you just know when someone loves you.

Husband is allergic to cats.  We both have allergies, and when we were checked, the doctor made it clear that he has a big time allergic reaction to felines.  I have one to dust and hay.  (Gee, and I live in the Willamette Valley...)  I have been out and about, and on the go, and was finally home for a few days, when Husband said, look, there is a cat on Craigslist.

Um, yeah, that's sort of like saying there are leaves on a tree, in this area, so???

Just look at it.

I did.  A blue point Siamese.  It looked so much like the Jack cat I had.  I smiled, it sure is a nice one... Husband said, call on it.

HUSBAND!  You have allergies.

Call.  So I did.  And she was adopted out.


I didn't think too much more about it, until a day or so later, when Husband snorted, then piped up, it's in there again, and grabbed the phone.  Now, "it" was a bit of a mystery, I hadn't seen what he was looking at, and what "again" he was talking about.

"So, I saw the cat is available again?...  Uh huh.  Uh huh.  Where are you at?  Oh?  Is this Sam, perhaps?  Ok, well, we know where you are, and we'll be out to get it in just a few minutes."

Turns out, the cat was called on by someone, who in typical Craigslist flake fashion, said they would take her, then called later and said no, they found one they liked closer, and didn't want that one.  So we headed over.  I thought I recognized the name, it was someone Husband had worked some contracting for some time ago, and we'd sold a tiny bit of property to.  We arrived, and Sam rather unceremoniously dumped the cat into my arms, saying, "You can name her, we just call her Cat."


Cat wanted down, so we chatted with he and his wife for a bit, found out there was a family member that was violently allergic to cats (i.e. she would swell up and be sneezing for days...), so they had to get rid of her.

We took her home, and I slept on the couch that night, so she could get used to me. I had a cat on my feet, on my shoulder, tried to sleep on my face, on my back, and curled up by my stomach... It was a long night.  Husband decided we'd try letting her sleep outside the bedroom, that didn't work well, HE could hear the low pitched thump as she'd paw the door.  I didn't want her all over the bedroom.

What to do...

She was fine, if she could see us.  So, we compromised.  She is in a carrier, at night, facing our bed.
She can see us, we don't have to listen to yowling, or pawing all night, and everyone can sleep.

Husband said it was a "just because present".

Yeah, I know, I got a good one...

Presenting, Schrodinger, or Ding, for short~

She loves sitting in the window, and is transfixed when the turkeys go by.  We put one of those painting stepladders by the other door, so she can watch the llamas and the chickens the other direction.  Have to be a bit careful, she is declawed, so we don't want her falling off things, but she seems to fit in fine.

I will have her spoiled in no time.  Oh, wait...