Friday, February 05, 2016


There was an article that was just let out, that Oregon State University found mammoth bones by the end zone.  I was enthused, and was listening to what they'd found, which also included a camel of some sort, as well as a few other critters of long ago.

I was musing to Husband that there should have been an ancient beaver* there, too.

No, a duck fossil, says he.

DUCK**?  Why, pray tell, would you say duck, it's OSU's end zone...

He looked up with a straight face, and stated, "The article said, that was where the animals came to die, right?"

Whoa, I didn't even think Husband cared about team sports!


* Oregon State University mascot is a beaver, however, I still think the new one looks more like a rat, so the link goes to a cute toy, as well, to make up for it...

** University of Oregon, the civil war rivals, have a duck as a mascot (sorry, couldn't find a just picture link).  If you want to impress someone with your vast knowledge, the duck's name is Puddles, and he was drawn by a Disney artist.

That and a few bucks will get you a woo woo coffee someplace...