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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for... Old?

I had a friend that went into depression on her 40th birthday.  "I am so OOOOOLD!"  That repeated refrain sent me from mild sympathy, to mild humor, and dipped soon to mild annoyance.  I can't even remember how old I am, most of the time, without 'doing the math', so I really couldn't get worked up about it for my birthday.

I figure I'm lucky I am still around... I started thinking about age.

The oldest chicken I have - 4 years.

Rudee, my dog - nearing 12

The oldest llama I had, made it to about 26.

Oldest person that I can think of in my family - 95.

Oldest person I ever knew personally- 104.

Oldest (verified) living person -122

Oldest tree - around 4000 years old

Oldest known Barbeque - one million years ago, approximately...

Oldest known thing on Earth - 4.4 billion years old (a gem).

The Moon - 4.5 billion years, give or take.

Aaaannd the Universe, in general - 13.8 billion years, or thereabouts.

All things being equal, I feel pretty young, really!


The weather has been sunny here, but today it's raining.  We could use it, a little bit... The various fruit trees here are flowering, which gives the aspect of snow when the wind blows in the afternoon. Somehow, I think there are several areas in the US that really would like THAT kind of 'snow storm' now...

Unfortunately, the wasps have been waking up and buzzing around.  I am sure happy Husband finished the bracing in the pole barn while it was still early!  I go out to my pickup, in said pole barn, and I might find one, two, or sometimes several wasps, sitting on the hood.  I have to be careful, this time of year, they will bounce onto some of the vents, and it's not unusual to have one or two in the CAB.  I am not allergic, small blessing, but I still don't want to be stung.  

I will be staying home today (gasp!!!), so I will be getting a fair amount of... Ok, if you do work on a computer is it still paperwork?  Anyway, I will be doing a lot of typing.

This is, of course, after I let the chickens have a morning run, and breakfast, and get the other animals (and myself) fed.  Then, if I have time, I might replant the zukes.  They went from two leaves to the true leaves in about a day or two, and the roots are now climbing out the bottom of the pot.  

Told ya they were ALIENS!!!