Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Paper one, Kindle... Not.

I have grown to like the Kindle-y thing on my tablet.  It has many advantages, not the least of which is that I can increase the font size to something I can read without my glasses, if I want.  (I have vision that is... amazingly bad.  I can tell something is there, but unless I am nearly on top of it, I can only guess what it is.  And usually not real good guesses, unless I have an inkling already.) 

I also like that if I want a goofball, obscure book, I can quite often find it, and have it downloaded in a short time.  I still buy the majority of my books at a bookstore, or trade with other dead tree readers, but I must say, Kindle has its charms.


I was sitting down to read an eBook that had been recommended to me.  Sounded good.  Started to read.  Good story-line, interesting characters, and really getting into it~

And the battery died.

Note to self.  Charge the thing, before starting to read.  Ink doesn't generally temporarily go away... Hmph.

I keep thinking that I have some cookbooks downloaded.  I really think I will print out the recipe I want to use, rather than leaving it on.  Having the K die when I am right in the middle of a dinner would be a disaster!